Pence in charge of coronavirus response as Democrats continue primary campaigns – live updates

  • Vice-president to take charge of US response to coronavirus
  • Democrat challengers campaigning in run-up to South Carolina and Super Tuesday
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United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet has delivered a broadside in Geneva against Donald Trump’s policies on environment and migration, accusing the president of endangering public health and the rights of children.

The former Chilean president criticised recent moves to deregulate the US economy and weaken environmental protection standards.

Here’s the pick of a few things around the web to have a read of this morning.

Politico’s leading piece on the Democrat race is a closer look at the Bernie Sanders’ relationship with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Despite his anti-establishment rhetoric and a handful of high-profile breaks with his party over 29 years in Congress, the Vermont independent is typically not the headache for his Democratic leadership that Ted Cruz and Rand Paul once were for the GOP. Sanders, it’s often forgotten, actually serves on Schumer’s leadership team.

President Trump is challenging two institutions with crucial roles to play in the next election with a controversial appointment to the intelligence community and tweets directed at the Justice Department.

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